2012. What can we say to really sum up the last twelve months that have meant the world to us? In January, Sarah and Andrea were on a plane to New Orleans with our husbands for a photography festival and eating extravaganza, dreaming about the creation of a project that would tell the stories behind the meals in our town. We sent an email out to a few friends the week we returned, asking if they’d be interested in participating, and had an overwhelmingly positive response. From Justin Hershey “Im in. Let me know what you need.” to Tomas Rahal “I’d be honored to help.” to Tara Koeniglove it!  What a great idea.“; every single person we reached out to said ‘Yes!’. We were floored. In March we launched Beyond the Flavor with our first three features, Tara, Tomas, and Michael. Since then we’ve been very busy, in the best way possible.

We – Andrea, Sarah, and Megan – are so very grateful to each person who has contributed to, read, shared, and supported Beyond the Flavor. This collection of images, our favorites from 2012, give us goosebumps.  To look back and see all that this community has given us in the last ten months is overwhelming. We are so excited to continue this project into 2013 and beyond. Thank you, from our homes to yours.

Happy New Year!

xo – Andrea, Sarah, and Megan